Plain ... is not plain

Our definition of “plain” is to use a background that does not detract from your product, but allows the focus to be purely on it. So plain may not necessarily be plain, but will always be unobtrusive. Our offerings here keep it simple.

Suitable for on-line selling

A simple single colour background, often just white, is suitable for Amamzon, Ebay, Etsy and many other one line shopping portals.

Bright White or Black Background

The majority of online shopping sites and catalogues use a standard white background. Our basic shoot will put your product into a pure white environment, lit so that the only thing of interest in the image is the product itself. Pure and simple with no distractions. White does not work for every item, so a deep black background can also be used.

Relective Background

Whilst still white or black, we use a reflective surface to create a reflection of the product itself to emphasise it. This is a natural non-photoshoped reflection to add a little depth to the product.

Single Colour Background

We realise white or black may not be appropriate for the product or the market it is aimed at. We have a selection of other colours available for the background and are happy to provide any colour you feel you may need.

The images below show how a small colour variation can change a product photograph.

object with coloured background

object with coloured background

object with coloured background

3D Background

With our 3D background we create a simple set, where your product sits on a surface with a background where they are different materials that may position your product in a more natural environment. These textured surfaces may be wood, white marble, dark marble, plaster, brick or similar, as well as a plain colour if required, to create a natural setting to compliment your product.

"Lay flat" Background

Not all products can stand upright. Many need to be laid flat and photographed from an angle or from above. We will produce “lay flat” images on a plain or textured background.

Spotlit Background

With the other options on this page we have used lighting designed to give an even illumination on the scene, highlighting the product and it’s detail. We can put the product in a splotlight to separate it from the background, creating a halo of light around it or simply making it stand out from a darker background. Spotlit is not really suitable for plan white backgrounds but it can be combined with 3D, coloured, dark or dark reflective backgrounds.

All our plain set pricing is bespoke, dependant on volume, the product and numbers, so please do contact us with your requirements by mailing to