When some decoration is added...

Whilst our "plain" is simple, our "decorated" introduces props to the images, designed to enhance your product. "

With props

Some products look better on their own, so the focus of the image is purely on them. Other products fare better when some prop, or decoration, is added.

A glass vase is nice, a vase with a beautiful flower in it helps the viewer imagine how good the vase would look in their house. Place the vase on a window with a nice bit of greenery behind can take it one step closer to being sold into a home.

The purpose of the decoration is to enhance the product, to complement it but not distract from it. The lighting and props are carefully put together to promote a feeling focusing around the specific item in the photograph that you want the potential buyer to see.

Decorated shoots are more time consuming than “plain” shoots, they are more bespoke. We will work with you to get the overall look and feel you want for your product.

All our decorated pricing is bespoke, dependant on volume, the product and numbers, so please do contact us with your requirements by mailing to steve@stephenlloydphotography.co.uk and we will reply with a quote.