Background Replacement

It is possible to replace the background of product we have photographed. This can be does so the background is transparent, or replaced with something totally different.

Transparent Backgrounds

Your product will be photographed, presneted to you as a "PNG" file with a transparent background.
This can be added to any web or printed design where it will sit as an overlay to an image or plain colour.

The three images of a TV box, amenity bag and IT equipment on this page all have transparent backgrounds that simply sit on the background colour.

These are suitable for most online retail sites such as Amaxon, Etsy, and Ebay

"Green Screen" Product Photography

Your product, any background or location you wish

Chroma backgrounds

We can use a "chroma background" which will be either green or blue for what is generically called "Green Screen Photography". We also use the same principle for video work.

This means we will shoot your product, with any props against a chroma blue or green background that can be replaced in post processing by something else.

We will do this in one of four ways:

  • The image is left "as is" so you can replace the background yourself

  • The product has he background repalced by a solid or gradient colour, or pattern.

  • The background will be replaced by an image you supply, we shoot for you or one of our extensive stock range

  • The background will be replaced with an image with added text or graphics

All our background replacement pricing is bespoke, dependant on volume, the product and numbers, so please do contact us with your requirements by mailing to